BSX - Boost Smell Xperience


BSX (Boost Smell Xperience) an Eau de parfum 50ml, concentrated to 22%.


It is a new chapter in the world of molecular fragrances.


An Amber / Woody fragrance, characterized by only one Molecule, IFF's Amber Xtreme, the latest of the molecules that have the ability to amplify odors, has been expertly measured in BSX so as to obtain the double value of Booster and Perfume .


BSX is a Booster, increases and reinforces every olfactory experience and at the same time is a new and modern Perfume, perfect for our time.


Sold exclusivley at Deval, Wanaka - this fragrance is a different path, in the composition and in the image, compared to the first collection of 4 OPTICO perfumes very linked to natural raw materials.