Thank you for shopping with us at DEVàL. The more you spend, the more rewards you can earn to unlock exclusive discounts. Available both in-store and online.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in-store or online.
Applies to any full priced items (sale and discounted items are not eligible for reward points, this includes discount codes)
500 points - $50 off
1000 points - $100 off
1500 points - $150 off
2000 points - $200 off
2500 points - $250 off
3000 points - $300 off

Create an account and you will automatically become part of our programme. Or you can join by clicking on the 'Check Rewards' tab on the bottom right of our website. If you are shopping in-store we will talk you through how to sign up.

You can check your balance and rewards anytime by clicking the 'Check Rewards' tab on our website, or ask our friendly team to check for you. Devàl Rewards programme was established January 2023, all purchases made prior to this were ineligible for gaining points. Rewards points cannot be earned on a purchase where a rewards voucher is used.

When you have enough points to unlock a reward, you'll be able to redeem it with a unique reward voucher code. You can use this code at the checkout. Just copy and paste your unique code into the 'gift card or discount code' bar.
Note, you can only use one voucher code per order. If you are shopping in-store we will apply your reward at the counter. 

We reserve the right to modify or cancel rewards at anytime.
Rewards can only be redeemed once.
Rewards cannot be redeemed on an order after the order has been placed.
Rewards points cannot be redeemed on the order from which they were generated.
Rewards points cannot be earned on a purchase where a rewards voucher is used.
Rewards points can only be earned on full priced purchases.
Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
Rewards points can only be used and redeemed by the holder of the account, and cannot be shared with other customers.
If you return any items purchased with a rewards voucher, the voucher discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit or refund.
Points expire after 12 months, you will receive email reminders.

Why can't I see my voucher or points balance?

Make sure you are logged into your account using the same email address you have used for any previous purchases, if you haven't created an online account you can do so here and any previous online purchase history with the associated email address will then show up in your account.


I received an email about my points but it said no account with that email address when I try logging in online?


You most likely don't have an online account with us yet but our system has associated your points with the email you have used when shopping with us.

Don't worry! If you go in and create an account on our website here using the same email you have used with us before, your points from shopping with us will then be transferred onto your account and you will be able to check/spend your rewards. 


Why are my in-store purchases not showing in my account?


A detailed history of all online purchases will show in your online account, along with any points earned from your in-store purchases. Please get in touch if you'd like information from in-store purchases.